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For the wildly in love, the story tellers and the adventurers...

For the wildly in love, the story tellers, and the adventurers! We help tell your love story in a way that captures your true authentic selves. You deserve an experience you'll never stop talking about. Our number one priority is always YOU and your love story. Whether that means running away to a mountain top to elope, or having a gathering surrounded by all your loved ones, we want to be there. We want to capture your vision and give you pictures and videos you'll be able to look back on for a lifetime. Every time you look at your video and photos, we want you to experience those real, raw emotions all over again. We will not only be your photo-video team, but your friend. Expect us to be hyping you up the whole time, your dress fixer, and whatever else you need us to be. We can't wait to capture your story and give you an experience you'll never forget. So what are you waiting for? Let's make some magic happen.

Hi! Nice to meet you. We are Ian and Jaclyn.

your new photo-video besties

We really just want you to look at your photos and video with a big goofy smile and say, "is that us?" Maybe shed a few tears too, cause we promise you that we will be crying right with you. We are suckers for the wildly in love, the intimate moments and just a good old love story. Let us help tell yours.

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